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Cataract Surgery

What Is CATARACT? The human crystalline lens, which is clear and transparent is part of the focusing mechanism of the eye. With age, the lens becomes cloudy and opaque, thereby

Cornea Services

The human eye has 3 coats, the outermost of which is protective fibrous layer, the sclerocorneal layer. The sclera is the white of the eye. Placed in the front of the sclera, like a watch glass, is

Computer Vision Syndrome

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)? A simple definition of CVS is “the complex of eye and vision problems which are experienced by computer

Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma can be caused by increased pressure of the fluid in the eye. The inside of the eye contains fluid that is constantly flowing into and being drained out of the eye. If the drainage mechanism in an area called

Retina Service

Human eye is like a camera. When you take a picture with the camera, the lens allows light to pass through and focuses it on the film. When the light hits the film, picture is taken. Our eye works in the same way The light rays from

UVEA Service

Uveitis is inflammation of any part of the uvea and is classified by the part of uvea  that is inflamed. Anterior Uveitis affects the front of the eye. It is often called iritis because it mainly  affects the area around the eye’s iris. Anterior uveitis is 
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what they say about our clinic

My mother's surgery was done by doctor Rohan Bowari. My mother's surgery was done perfectly .The hospital is good-looking. It is very neat and clean. Staff members are very cooperative and have a nice gesture. We are very thankful for such a excellent work.

Amarjeet Khaira

Innocent Hearts Eye Centre is on the way to reach the apex of success in providing the high quality medical services and the eye care. Dr. Rohan Bowry and his complete medical team are giving extensive care and the most suitable genuine advice to the patients to help them gain the quality vision. Keep it up!

Dheeraj Banati

My Father had surgery of his right eye, lens they install is Bio Tech Monofocal Lens. He is perfectly fine. Thing i like the most, it wasn't time consuming at all. We like the overall services.

Manisha Sharma

I got my cataract operated with a multifical lens. The procedure was painless and I could see clearly and 100 % almost the next day. The entire staff and doctor are very soft spoken and guide you and take care of you very well I highly recommend Dr. Rohan Bowry, to be your go to cataract surgeon.

Deepak Baporia